Leading #Startups Through Crisis

“Good survivors aren’t immune to fear. They know what’s happening, and it does ‘scare the living shit’ out of them. It’s all a question of what you do next.”

-Laurence Gonzalez, “Deep Survival”

True leadership isn’t the absence of fear. It’s not even portraying the absence of fear. It’s about acknowledging that the fear is real. The situation creating the fear is real. But at the same time, not letting that fear stop us from doing what’s right for right now. The constant question that a good leader or CEO should be asking herself in this situation is, “How do we survive this crisis and live to fight another day? What are the right steps for right now? What does my team need from me right now? Not for tomorrow — but right now? What do I have to do to make those things happen”

  • Get w/AT and limit menu
  • Train CR in a 2-man line
  • Call Roode for a fill in?
  • Have baby
  • Tell brunch crew vinaigrette too acidic
  • Pick up white platters
  • Change filters in hood
  • Figure out pomegranate syrup



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David Mandell

David Mandell

Founder, VentureVoodoo, Co-Founder, Massive. Partner, The Fund, Rockies. If you walk properly, you can move the earth. @dgmandell